SVB Asset Management

Helping high-growth clients in the innovation economy achieve their investment objectives.

For two decades, SVB Asset Management (SAM) has helped clients in the innovation economy achieve their investment objectives through exercising fiduciary care as a trusted advisor.

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Your partner in growth

Unlock your growth potential with us to enhance liquidity, fund for growth and foster investor confidence through optimized cash return.
Enhanced liquidity
We assist your company to safeguard its liquidity position to enable smooth operations and have sufficient cash on hand.
Funding for growth
We optimize returns on your cash which can be reinvested back into your business to fund your growth initiatives or extend your runway.
Risk management & investor confidence
We help you to demonstrate financial prudence by effectively managing investment risks and optimizing your cash.

Our Solutions

At SVB Asset Management, we anticipate and respond to the ever-evolving cash management needs of high-growth companies. Our solutions are designed to support your growth trajectory and financial goals.

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Customized Strategy

We focus on capital preservation, liquidity and returns, backed by institutional buying power. Our strategy includes:

  • Investment horizons up to 3 years
  • Adherence to client investment policy and strategy guidelines
  • Focus on portfolio income and return objectives
  • Disciplined approach to changing rate cycles

Comprehensive Investment Approach

Our investment management team develops and implements investment strategies tailored to clients’ unique objectives and risk tolerances. By integrating portfolio management, credit research and trading, we align our robust investment management solutions that cater to our clients’ financial goals. Our process focuses on:

  • Duration management, yield curve positioning, sector rotation and issuer risk exposure
  • Risk analysis and issuer monitoring
  • Insights on market events, credit fundamentals and outlook
  • Best execution through institutional trading partners

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Reporting and Client Service

We serve as an extension of your treasury team, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. With a dedicated advisory team, you can:

  • Receive timely market updates and perspectives.
  • Count on agile implementation of solutions
  • Access industry-leading reporting and analytics

Investment strategy options

36+ Months
24 Months
18 Months
12 Months
Strategic CashTypical Benchmark 1 year1-3 years
Reserve CashTypical Benchmark 6 months9 months
Extended LiquidityTypical Benchmark 6 months
LiquidityTypical Benchmark 3 months3-6 months
12 Months 18 Months 24 Months 36+ Months

SAM’s value proposition

SVB Asset Management anticipates and responds to your ever-changing cash management needs. Our experience is rooted in working with innovation economy companies that seek a trusted partner.
Experience & insights
We are intensely focused and deeply immersed in the innovation economy, giving us a strong understanding of your challenges and cash management needs.
High-touch service
Featuring a team of seasoned professionals who work hand in hand with you on your investments. It’s like adding dedicated players to your internal team.
Fiduciary standard
We act in accordance with prudent investor standards, placing the interests of our clients ahead of our own and avoiding conflicts of interest.
Operational ease
With our integrated service and reporting platform and horizontal organizational structure, we are well positioned to anticipate and respond to your cash management needs.

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