SVB Asset Management

Helping high-growth clients in the innovation economy achieve their investment objectives.

For two decades, SVB Asset Management (SAM) has helped clients in the innovation economy achieve their investment objectives through exercising fiduciary care as a trusted advisor.

of SVB's total client funds are held in SAM accounts
years in business as a Registered Investment Adviser
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Your partner in growth

Unlock your growth potential with us to enhance liquidity, fund for growth and foster investor confidence through optimized cash return.
Enhanced liquidity
We assist your company to safeguard its liquidity position to enable smooth operations and have sufficient cash on hand.
Funding for growth
We optimize returns on your cash which can be reinvested back into your business to fund your growth initiatives or extend your runway.
Risk management & investor confidence
We help you to demonstrate financial prudence by effectively managing investment risks and optimizing your cash.

Our Solutions

At SVB Asset Management, we anticipate and respond to the ever-evolving cash management needs of high-growth companies. Our solutions are designed to support your growth trajectory and financial goals.