Hiroshi Ikemoto

Hiroshi Ikemoto is a fixed-income trader for SVB Asset Management (SAM) in San Francisco. With more than 14 years of experience in the financial sector, he and his team oversee trading for more than 250 separately managed accounts. While his specialty is buying and selling fixed-income securities (including commercial paper, corporate bonds and Treasuries), his passion is doing so on behalf of his clients. Hiroshi takes great pleasure in helping these game-changers generate income that allows them to grow amidst the swift-moving, ever-evolving landscape of the innovation space.

Hiroshi joined SAM in 2006. Before that, he led trading for SVB Securities for three years as a principal trader.

Outside of the office, you might find Hiroshi marveling at the works of some of the world’s great visual artists. This avid art lover especially reveres Italian and Dutch Baroque and Post-Impressionist styles. Just as Hiroshi respects the tech innovators of our day, he also admires one of art history’s great pioneers, groundbreaking French painter and sculptor Marcel Duchamp.
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