Michael Duranceau

Michael Duranceau is a credit analyst for SVB Asset Management in San Francisco, California. He is responsible for conducting fixed income research and provides investment recommendations across the corporate credit sector. Michael has more than 10 years of investment and credit risk experience, including fixed income research, corporate banking and portfolio management. He is passionate about fundamental credit analysis and the important role it plays in fixed income investing, and he enjoys contributing his diverse skill set to the SAM team and its clients.

Before joining SAM, Michael served as a portfolio manager for Comerica Bank’s leveraged lending and middle-market banking group in San Francisco. Earlier in his career, he held buy-side credit analyst roles at Wells Fargo and First Republic Bank, where he was responsible for credit research and investment recommendations in the high-yield and investment-grade bond sectors.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in finance from Baylor University. He is currently pursuing his Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation.

Outside of work, Michael can be found spending time with his daughter and exploring all that the Bay Area has to offer. He enjoys cooking and stays active with a wide variety of outdoor hobbies, including cycling, backpacking, tennis, surfing and skiing. Michael lives in San Francisco and spends as much of his time as possible in Sonoma County, where he grew up, and where most of his extended family lives.

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