Jose Sevilla

Jose Sevilla is a senior portfolio manager for SVB Asset Management (SAM) based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this role, he calls on more than two decades of experience in financial services to analyze, strategize, structure and monitor fixed-income portfolios for his clients. Devoted to the collaborative nature of his work, Jose develops and executes portfolio and investment strategies, taking into account the unique objectives of each client he serves. Jose loves the bond market and particularly enjoys the challenge of structuring portfolios that balance current market conditions while meeting each client’s risk tolerance and expectations for liquidity and return.

Before joining SVB in 2012, Jose was a senior portfolio manager/trader and the head of fixed income for Mellon Transition Management, a division of BNY Mellon. While in this position, Jose led all transitions related to fixed income while also implementing hedging solutions — such as interest rate, credit and foreign exchange derivatives — for large institutional clients. Jose holds a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance and management and a bachelor’s degree in agricultural and managerial economics. Both degrees were earned from the University of California, Davis.

Jose lives with his wife and four sons in San Ramon, where family and basketball are his top priorities. In past years, he volunteered as a youth basketball coach, but these days he trains his own emerging basketball dynasty: All four of his sons play the sport competitively. Free time often finds Jose in the gym, drilling his boys on everything from shooting, ball handling and defense to the mental approach to the game. When they’re not on the court, they’re likely watching the sport, cheering on the Golden State Warriors and Duke University’s Blue Devils.
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