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SVB partners with emerging managers who are changing the venture landscape.

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Launching a fund is no easy task, and becoming a fund manager for the first time is a journey fraught with unexpected challenges. SVB is your steady, expert partner through this process, backing you with more than 35 years of insight and connections. As former investors and operators, SVB’s team elevates VC banking to a new level, bringing that same kind of support, connections and insight to your firm, your funds, and your portfolio companies, offering a bird’s eye view of the market and impartial advice and advocacy across funds, sectors, stages and geos.

Helping new and growing funds across sectors

Emerging managers lean on SVB


Array VC
BBG Ventures
Equal Ventures
Harlem Capital
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Pear VC
Precursor Ventures
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More than banking

SVB’s emerging manager team helps our diverse investor client base thrive by supporting them in various aspects of firm building.


Our team includes former investors and operators with relevant networks and advice for GPs as they build their LP networks


From providing service provider connections to help secure your fund’s foundation, to supporting you with debt financing, banking and credit cards, we can help you navigate the challenges of building a firm from the ground up.


We support your firm with your banking needs, allowing for fast, seamless deal execution.

Investment Deal Flow

Our clients include thousands of pre-Series A startups, as well as more than 50%* of all venture-backed technology companies in the U.S. Chances are your next deal is already banking with us. *approximate


Our proprietary data and knowledge can help you understand the venture landscape so you can make decisions with confidence.


Our specialized early stage banking team provides stage-specific banking, access, advice, and provider discounts to help your companies reach their next milestone faster.

Exclusive offers for your fund

Emerging Manager clients – and their portfolio companies who bank with SVB - save with discounts from handpicked service providers at the center of the tech ecosystem.

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Up to $25K off on-boarding fees.

Flow logo EM

Save 15% on Flow’s SPV services


Exclusive discount for SVB clients.

Terms and conditions apply. Offers subject to change without notice. Provider companies offering discounted tools and services are independent third parties and not affiliated with SVB Financial Group.



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“Silicon Valley Bank is a great example of an institution giving back before they get. We really love what they're doing for the entire startup ecosystem.”

Pejman Nozad, Founding Managing Partner

1. Permission was received by the individual making the statement. 2. It is an unsolicited statement. 3. For informational purposes only. 4. It is not a guarantee of future performance. All companies listed above are independent third parties and are not affiliated with SVB Financial Group.


Voices of the community

In three short videos, experienced VC’s share their experience and hard-won lessons. Hear from VCs Tim Connors of PivotNorth Capital, Shruti Gandhi of Array Ventures, and Richard Kerby and Rick Zullo of Equal Ventures.

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Diverse founders offer compelling investment cases for the managers who spend time getting to know them.

SVB EM Video 2 thumb 960 x 540

Venture capitalists are more than a source of capital for founders; they’re coaches, who offer startups advice, guidance and inspiration.

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Some lessons are hard-won. Find out what experienced managers wish they had known when they were raising their first fund.

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