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About the Author

Glen Mello is the managing director of SVB’s technology accelerator team in Boston, which focuses on the unique needs of tech startups in New England and Eastern Canada. He has spent most of his near-two-decade career championing early-stage technology companies either as a venture capitalist or lender. He loves serving founders and entrepreneurs, and he draws tremendous satisfaction from learning about the disruptive technologies they’re creating. 

Over the years, Glen has had the privilege of working with and learning from entrepreneurs who have enjoyed immense success, as well as others who have faced arduous challenges. As such, he understands that a cookie-cutter approach to financing does not work in today’s innovation landscape. His mission is to leverage his networks and experience — in banking and beyond — to bring flexible solutions, meaningful connections and experiential advice that will help today’s bold ideas take shape. 

Prior to joining SVB, Glen worked as managing director at Hercules Technology Growth Capital, a finance company providing venture debt and equity to venture capital-backed and private-equity backed technology and life science companies. Earlier in his career, he was a founding member of Square 1 bank and served as its managing director and senior vice president in charge of the New England region. He also served as a principal for Ironside Ventures, where he was responsible for sourcing and negotiating early-stage IT and semiconductor investments. Glen holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Rhode Island College of Business Administration.