Elias Saadeh

Elias Saadeh is a vice president for SVB’s Frontier Technology group. Based in San Francisco, he helps Series A through Series C founders secure the efficient sources of capital they need to scale. Knowing that there’s no single path from startup to market leader, Elias brings a multifaceted approach to tilting the field in each client’s favor; he provides them with valuable industry insights, key connections and creative venture debt solutions to help them scale their business. Elias thrives on bringing trust, empathy and value to the builders, creators and investors he serves.

Prior to joining SVB, Elias helped teams expand their footprint at Square, Bloomberg and Carta. Elias holds a bachelor’s degree in finance with a minor in economics from the University of San Francisco.

Outside of work, this Bay Area native spends time exploring San Francisco and navigating the city’s social scenes. Elias also enjoys managing his personal investments, sports and cooking.
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