Foreign Exchange Risk Services

If you do business internationally, you have currency risk. SVB can help protect your company against volatility across 90+ currencies.

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Tailored FX Services

Private Equity
Seed & Venture Capital
Public Tech Companies
Later Stage Tech
Life Science & Healthcare
Early Stage Tech

Private Equity


Specialized FX team and solutions for PE firms / funds.


Seed & Venture Capital


Specialized FX team and solutions for VC firms / funds.


Public Tech Companies

Specialized FX team and solutions for public companies.

Later Stage Tech

Specialized FX team and solutions for later-stage companies.

Life Science & Healthcare

Specialized FX team and solutions for Life Science & Healthcare companies.

Early Stage Tech


Specialized FX team and solutions for early-stage companies.





Solutions to manage your foreign exchange risks and needs

Make easy, fast and secure global payments in the currencies you need. SVB can help you evaluate your exposure to adverse currency moves and advise on actions to protect against them.

Full range of FX products

  • Execute spot transactions
  • Forward contracts
  • Swaps
  • Options with SVB US, UK, and Asia trading desks

Bespoke Advice

  • FX Advisors who specialize in your sector
  • FX Risk Advisory assistance with your FX risk management program or strategy 

FX Policy Best Practices

Guidance and samples of FX policy and procedures.


Integrated with your workflow

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Foreign exchange advice and insights

Read our latest thinking about world events affecting currency markets, our currency forecasts, and our risk management guidance for your international business and investments.
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