Transact Gateway

Leverage the advantage of automation by linking your company’s accounting software, back-office systems or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to your company’s online banking payments and transactions data. 
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Automate payment initiation, processing, account reporting and reconciliation

SVB Transact Gateway is our direct transmission solution designed to help support your back-office operations while helping you scale your payments processing as you grow. 
Reduce cost, improve accuracy
Reduce errors and automate numerous points in the payables process. 
Better reporting, better planning
Help improve visibility and automate your reconciliation process. 
Timely tracking, timely forecasting
Keep up with account balances and transaction data through intraday file deliveries. 

Improve productivity through automation and maintain account controls

SVB Transact Gateway supports your accounting processes with a bi-directional, file-based, corporate-to-bank integration channel that helps enable efficient payments processing. 
Multiple information reporting formats
Receive transactional data in an industry standard or customized format. 
Flexible account reconciliation options
Reconcile accounts by receiving prior day and intra-day files. 
Robust administration controls
Allow multiple users and control account access on services and permissions based on duties. 
Targeted payments processing
Support and track multiple payment methods1 as your business needs change. 

Get started with Transact Gateway today

Transact Gateway can help automate your back-office operations and eliminate paper-based payments for improved productivity. 

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