SVB Direct Connect

Sync all your transactional activity, account balances and transaction history from your SVB deposit accounts, corporate cards, debit cards and loans with popular financial apps, through our Open Financial Exchange 'OFX' service to better manage your business finances.

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Empower your business through better integration
As your company’s transactions and reporting needs become more complex, get the enhanced functionality of leading business apps designed to help give you better financial controls, through seamless integration with Direct Connect.
Automated and accurate
Avoid hassles of downloading multiple files or conducting complex searches. Download linked SVB transaction data without duplicate entries.
Detailed analysis
Access a year’s worth of data through Direct Connect, across all your linked SVB accounts for easy transactional analysis.
Safe and convenient
All reports are generated through the use of a secure PIN, and are viewable in simple and read-only formats.
Leverage apps to gain more financial control
Automatically sync current and past account data for enhanced cash management, operational efficiency, timely reconciliations and effective expense monitoring.
No fees
Direct Connect is a complementary service offered to all SVB customers and partners.
Synch seamlessly with multiple accounts
Gain financial insights by connecting your SVB accounts with your favorite financial/accounting apps for seamless tracking, control and monitoring.
Gain actionable business intelligence
Sync up to 400 days of SVB account data with many popular financial/accounting apps to generate analytical reports and insights into your company’s income, spending and expenses.
Quick and easy setup
Direct Connect is easy to access and can be set up seamlessly.
Aggregate account information for greater efficiency

Consolidate account data of all your SVB banking relationships and add the functionality of your favorite financial/accounting management apps.1

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Get started with Direct Connect


With Direct Connect, searching for downloads or importing multiple files is not necessary. The fintech applications provide the support to connect their app with the SVB Direct Connect platform.

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Log in
Log in to your SVB Online Banking Account.
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Create PIN
Go to the "My Security" tab to set up your unique and secure PIN.
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Sync apps
Log into your favorite FINTECH app(s) and update your SVB Online Banking Connection with your unique PIN for a one-time sync operation.
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