Insured Cash Sweep Accounts

Earn interest on excess cash balances protected by expanded multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance coverage. 
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Spend your time building your business, not managing multiple accounts. Simplify your cash management by consolidating accounts with SVB.

Through Insured Cash Sweep® (ICS)1, excess cash balances are automatically swept from your linked SVB checking account into deposit accounts at other ICS participating banks in amounts below the current FDIC insurance coverage maximum of $250,000.2

  • FDIC insurance coverage up to $170M per tax identification number 
  • Maintain full access to deposits through your linked SVB checking account  
  • Automated sweep to and from your linked SVB checking account 
  • Access to balance and transaction history, statements, and account reporting through the Depositor Control Panel 

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Turn idle cash into interest-earning funds

Insured Cash Sweep offers flexibility and convenience that may be right for you. 
cash sweep access
Maintain access to your cash whenever you need it
With SVB Insured Cash Sweep, you always have access to your invested funds, so you’re always covered. 
cash sweep automate
Automate your investment program
Your cash can work for you while you work on growing your business. 
cash sweep expertise
Access SVB expertise and business insights
Go beyond banking by joining the SVB network of investment, finance and innovation experts to gain industry connections and grow your business. 

Contact us

Contact your Liquidity Advisor or Client Services at 800-774-7390 to learn more about Insured Cash Sweep. 

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