Digital Health: Mapping Digital Health Solutions

  • April 19, 2016

The convergence of healthcare and technology has arrived. Healthcare stakeholders are seeking solutions to survive and thrive in a fast-changing regulatory and clinical environment. At the same time, enabling technologies are becoming widely adopted. The healthcare ecosystem is aligning around critical areas to bring widespread advancements through digital health solutions. However, what is digital health? SVB Analytics has defined Digital Health as solutions that use digital technology to improve patients' health outcomes and/or reduce the cost of healthcare.

For SVB Analytics' new report, " Digital Health: Opportunities for Advancing Healthcare," we mapped the digital health ecosystem through an examination of the challenges faced by each stakeholder, and grouped companies based on the digital health solution provided. (The list of companies shown is not exhaustive.)

Digital Health Map (small)

The technologies were segmented into four categories:

  • Patients/Consumers
  • Employers/Payers
  • Life Sciences/Other
  • Systems/Healthcare Professionals

The map's vertical axis plots increasing care delivery involvement from top to bottom. On the horizontal axis, technologies and solutions on the left are more focused on improving outcomes, whereas those on the right focus more on cost savings.

In the report, we examine the challenges faced by employers, payers, healthcare professionals and systems, and consumers in further detail.

In forthcoming reports, we will dive deeper into the trends and opportunities for each stakeholder.



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