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Global Fund Banking Outlook Report Q2 2022

Global Fund Banking Outlook Q2 2022

Despite broader market headwinds, opportunities remain in private equity and venture capital markets.
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  1. Market Factors
    STATE OF THE MARKETS H1 2022 Insights into the global innovation economy

    Our State of the Markets H1 2022 report provides insights on last year’s strong fundamentals, the recent tech trend to watch and the outlook for venture in the upcoming year. 

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    SVB Asset Management Economic Report Economic Report, Q1 2022

    SVB Asset Management's quarterly report reviews financial conditions in the domestic and global economies.

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  2. Startups
    THE STATE OF U.S. EARLY-STAGE VENTURE AND STARTUPS Q1 2022 Early-stage venture stands strong through turbulence

    To kick off 2022, early-stage venture showed signs that last year’s positive activity wasn’t over yet. Despite concerns about inflation, global conflict and other obstacles, Q1 data describes general persistence. 

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    2020 Startup Outlook Startups see bright conditions in 2020

    Our annual report finds founders are in a positive mood at the start of 2020, but they are facing challenges around raising capital, finding talent and building more-diverse leadership teams.

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    2020 Women in US Technology Leadership Gender parity gap persists for women in U.S. tech leadership

    Our latest report on the gender gap in startup leadership shows there is still a long way to go before reaching parity. And only 30% of US startups report they have programs designed to increase the number of women holding leadership roles.

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  3. Healthcare
    HEALTHCARE INVESTMENTS & EXITS 2022 ANNUAL Record-breaking healthcare investments and exits in 2021

    Healthcare venture fundraising almost doubled over the previous year, with phenomenal growth across sub-sectors: biopharma, health tech, dx/tools and device. Download our report for a deep dive into the current healthcare landscape and critical trends to watch.

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    Healthcare Investments & Exits 2021 Mid-Year Healthcare venture funding and investment continue torrid pace

    In our mid-year update we cover how optimism, industry strength and pace of economic activity translated to record fundraising and investment in many areas of healthcare innovation.

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    HealthTech 2021 Report The Future of HealthTech: Global investments hit an all time high

    HealthTech is truly changing the world and the healthcare landscape for the better. The latest healthtech report provides insights into a variety of subsectors including alternative care, provider operations, clinical trial enablement, wellness and education, healthcare navigation and more.

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    China Healthcare Report China in the global healthcare ecosystem

    Our newest healthcare report covers China's growing role in the global healthcare ecosystem. We look at the strong venture growth that has been driving innovation and the 2020 outlook and beyond.

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  4. Wine
    State of the Wine Industry Report 2022 Emerging trends and predictions in the US wine industry

    The 2022 State of the Wine Industry report provides a look back at how wineries performed during the COVID-19 reopening of 2021 and what, industry expert, Rob McMillan predicts the year ahead will have in store.

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    Direct-to-Consumer Wine Survey Report 2021 Direct to Consumer Wine Survey Report

    The Direct-to-Consumer Wine Survey Report highlights digital sales strategies for the future, the evolution of wine tasting rooms and provides valuable industry benchmarks to help guide your business.

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    State of the Wine Industry Report 2021 State of the Wine Industry report 2021 20th anniversary issue

    In this 20th annual State of the Wine Industry report, Rob McMillan finds that 2021 will be a year of two phases for the wine industry: the continuation of a COVID-restricted mode during the first part of the year, followed by a gradual reopening of business to a post-COVID world that will include a resurgence in hospitality, travel and entertainment made possible by the success of widespread vaccinations.

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    State of the Wine Industry Report 2020 Silicon Valley Bank predicts 2020 will bring the best wine values in 20 years for US wine consumers

    In this 19th annual State of the Wine Industry Report, Rob McMillan finds that the wine industry is in the midst of a consumer reset, which requires every winery to reimagine how they sell and market wine. Read more about Rob’s perspective on the challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed within the industry.

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  5. Tech
    The Future of Climate Tech The Future of Climate Tech 2022 Report

    The latest edition of our report analyzes venture investments, exit trends and emerging technologies that offer hope for a sustainable future.

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    State of SaaS Perspectives on the trends impacting the SaaS ecosystem

    The State of SaaS report highlights the latest trends shaping the enterprise software industry.

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    The Future of Retail Omnichannel remains a strategic differentiator for retail

    Dive into consumer retail in our latest report. Topics include the role of omnichannel, consumer online shopping trends, and how adoption of new technology and partnerships become paramount for to remain competitive in a COVID-19 world.

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    State of fintech A review of the fintech industry’s record year

    The State of Fintech report looks at emerging trends and insights for the private equity and venture capital fintech ecosystem.

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  6. Private Equity
    Global Fund Banking Outlook Report Global Fund Banking Outlook Q2 2022

    Despite broader market headwinds, opportunities remain in private equity and venture capital markets.

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    Family Office Report Family office venture portfolio performance exceeded expectations, January 2022

    Family offices are enjoying strong returns from their venture portfolios. Read our January 2022 report for a breakdown of portfolio performance and trends in family offices' investment priorities.

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    VENTURE MONITOR Q3 2021 The future of VC: Solo capitalists and global venture firms grab larger stakes

    SVB’s Rob Freelan responds to questions about how large venture funds are growing larger and solo venture capitalists are writing substantial checks into startups at all stages.

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    State of CVC Report 2021 The State of CVC Report 2021

    SVB partnered with Counterpart Ventures to debunk common myths about the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) ecosystem.

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