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Wheels of Venture Keep
Turning Despite Uncertainty

SVB’s fourth quarter State of the Markets report provides our unique inside view on the health and productivity of the global innovation economy.

Key findings from our Q4 2019 report:

• Private markets remain buoyant

• The US has dominated exits this year

• The venture ecosystem remains robust

More Research
  1. Market Factors
    STATE OF THE MARKETS Q3 2019 Finally, IPOs!

    SVB’s third quarter report covers the latest high-profile IPOs and opportunities for the global venture ecosystem.

    Read the report
    SVB Asset Management Economic Report Economic Report, Q4 2019

    SVB Asset Management's quarterly report reviews financial conditions in the domestic and global economies.

    Read the report
    VENTURE MONITOR Q3 2019 Life Science Investors Adjust to Global Challenges

    In the latest Venture Monitor report, Katherine Andersen, head of Life Science & Healthcare Relationship Banking at SVB, offers her perspective on how international tensions are affecting the global life science and healthcare ecosystem; still the industry’s fundamentals are strong. She also shares insights on establishing a successful cross-border strategy.

    Read the report
  2. Startups
    US Startup Outlook - 10th Anniversary Edition Amid Volatility, US Startups Stay Positive

    US entrepreneurs are confident about 2019, but uncertainty is adding to challenges. Learn more about what startups think about business conditions, funding, hiring & talent and public policy.

    Read the report
    UK Startup Outlook UK Startups Plan for Growth Despite Brexit Anxiety

    UK entrepreneurs are realistic about getting business done as Brexit unpredictability continues. Learn more about how they are planning for growth, even as accessing talent and international capital may become more difficult.

    Read the report
    Canada Startup Outlook Canadian Startups See Future Growth

    For the first time, SVB surveyed technology and life science entrepreneurs based in Canada. Like their counterparts in the US, UK and China, Canadian startups are optimistic about the year ahead even amid economic volatility.

    Read the report
    China Startup Outlook Chinese Startups Plan for Tempered Growth

    Entrepreneurs in China are optimistic about business conditions ahead, but there is uncertainty around the availability of startup capital and how China-US trade policy may impact their businesses.

    Read the report
    Women in Technology Leadership Slow Progress Toward Gender Parity

    Our annual report finds that about half of startups have at least one woman in leadership — and progress toward gender parity is slow, particularly on startup boards.

    Read the report
  3. Healthcare
    HEALTHCARE INVESTMENTS AND EXITS H1 2019 Strong Investment and Fundraising Outlook

    The H1 2019 IPO boom in life science and healthcare is fueling venture fundraising and investment. Download our mid-year report to read our analysis and get our outlook for the rest of 2019.

    Read the report
    HEALTHCARE INVESTMENTS AND EXITS 2019 Record Investments and Fundraising Continue

    Last year saw new records for venture fundraising and investment in life science and healthcare. Download our annual report to read our analysis plus our outlook for 2019.

    Read the report
    HEALTHTECH 2019 REPORT Valuable Exits Reinforce Growing Investments

    In a new report on HealthTech, we cover one of the fastest growing segments within healthcare. Through our proprietary analysis, we map primary sectors and respective subsectors to measure their investment and exit activity.

    Read the report
  4. Wine
    State of the Wine Industry Report 2019 The US Wine Industry will be challenging the next five years

    In this 18th annual State of the Wine Industry Report, Rob McMillan finds that while business once again had record sales, the growth rate is slowing and total volumes are trending into negative territory. He also offers perspectives on how the industry may recover growth rates by changing sales and marketing tactics.

    Read the report
  5. More
    FUTURE OF MOBILITY The World Is Ready for Change

    The transportation industry is starting to undergo significant structural changes, brought about by a confluence of forces. This report takes a deep dive into the forces driving these changes and the effect that emerging mobility paradigm will have on the industry and the economy.

    Read the report
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