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Direct-to-Consumer Wine Industry Trends & Benchmarks

The Direct-to-Consumer Wine Survey Report highlights digital sales strategies for the future, the evolution of wine tasting rooms and provides valuable industry benchmarks to help guide your business.
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  1. Market Factors
    STATE OF THE MARKETS Q2 2021 Inside View of the Global Innovation Economy

    State of the Markets Q2 2021 report highlights macro trends, private markets fundraising and investments, IPOs, and takes an international view of Canada and China.

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    SVB Asset Management Economic Report Economic Report, Q2 2021

    SVB Asset Management's quarterly report reviews financial conditions in the domestic and global economies.

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    VENTURE MONITOR Q1 2021 Attracting and Retaining Pre-Partner Talent

    In the latest edition, SVB's Shai Goldman evaluates how venture capital firms are competing to attract emerging talent, the value of diverse mindsets and how compensation fits into the picture.

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    Family Offices Investing In Venture Capital Global Trends & Insights 2020

    As part of our commitment to serving family offices, we have partnered with Campden Wealth Research, the leader in Family Office research globally, to create the first-of-its-kind, in-depth report on family offices investing globally in venture capital.

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  2. Startups
    2020 Startup Outlook Startups See Bright Conditions in 2020

    Our annual report finds founders are in a positive mood at the start of 2020, but they are facing challenges around raising capital, finding talent and building more-diverse leadership teams.

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    Our latest report on the gender gap in startup leadership shows there is still a long way to go before reaching parity. And only 30% of US startups report they have programs designed to increase the number of women holding leadership roles.

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  3. Healthcare
    Healthcare Investments & Exits 2021 Annual Report A Year Defined by Record Fundraising and Exits

    Amid the uncertainty of COVID-19, life science and healthcare fundraising, investments and exits had a banner year with a record amount of dry powder.

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    HealthTech Report 2020 HealthTech: Thrust into the Spotlight Amid the Pandemic

    Our latest proprietary healthcare report focuses on healthtech. The difficult year and challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic have given global healthtech companies a higher profile and in turn strong venture investment.

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    China Healthcare Report China in the Global Healthcare Ecosystem

    Our newest healthcare report covers China's growing role in the global healthcare ecosystem. We look at the strong venture growth that has been driving innovation and the 2020 outlook and beyond.

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    Healthcare Investments and Exits Mid Year 2020 Impressive Performance in an Extraordinary Year to Date

    In our mid-year update on Healthcare Investments and Exits, were seeing a healthcare landscape that’s performed surprising well, against the backdrop of Covid-19 pandemic. Read the report to get our analysis and outlook for the rest of 2020.

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  4. Wine
    Direct-to-Consumer Wine Survey Report Direct-to-Consumer Wine Survey Report 2021

    The Direct-to-Consumer Wine Survey Report highlights digital sales strategies for the future, the evolution of wine tasting rooms and provides valuable industry benchmarks to help guide your business.

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    State of the Wine Industry Report State of the Wine Industry Report 2021 20th Anniversary Issue

    In this 20th annual State of the Wine Industry Report, Rob McMillan finds that 2021 will be a year of two phases for the wine industry: the continuation of a COVID-restricted mode during the first part of the year, followed by a gradual reopening of business to a post-COVID world that will include a resurgence in hospitality, travel and entertainment made possible by the success of widespread vaccinations.

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    State of the Wine Industry Report Silicon Valley Bank Predicts 2020 Will Bring the Best Wine Values in 20 Years for US Wine Consumers

    In this 19th annual State of the Wine Industry Report, Rob McMillan finds that the wine industry is in the midst of a consumer reset, which requires every winery to reimagine how they sell and market wine. Read more about Rob’s perspective on the challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed within the industry.

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  5. Tech
    FUTURE OF MOBILITY The World Is Ready for Change

    The transportation industry is starting to undergo significant structural changes, brought about by a confluence of forces. This report takes a deep dive into the forces driving these changes and the effect that emerging mobility paradigm will have on the industry and the economy.

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    The GPS Playbook GPS: A trillion-dollar space-based technology

    The GPS Playbook from Space Capital and Silicon Valley Bank demonstrates the potential for space-based communications and geospatial intelligence markets to generate more than $1 trillion in equity value over the coming decade.

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    The Future of Robotics Robotics will revolutionize our economy

    The number of robots deployed in factories, farms and elsewhere is accelerating. The startup ecosystem is solving all kinds of problems using robotics, and it is just getting started. This report explores data-driven insights on the sector and its ripple effects.

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    The Future of Work A market analysis into the changes shaping the "Future of Work" because of the COVID-19 pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 had a profound impact on work and workers. With labor markets disrupted globally, the short-term consequences were both sudden and severe. The resounding message from the innovation economy is clear; flexibility is essential for workers to thrive, not just survive.

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  6. Private Equity
    Global Fund Banking Global Fund Banking Outlook Q1 2021

    Despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, private equity had another record-breaking year in 2020. Check out the Q1 2021 report from SVB.

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