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    SVB's Daily FX Update provides insight into the factors driving today's foreign exchange currency movements. Our FX Team is consistently ranked by Bloomberg as one of the best FX forecasters in the world for accuracy.

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    • Source: Bloomberg 2018

      (Bloomberg) – Q1’2018 FX forecasters are ranked based on three criteria: margin of error, timing (for identical forecasts, earlier ones received more credit) and directional accuracy (movements with the currency’s overall direction). The ranking, which was based on Bloomberg’s foreign exchange forecasts (FXFC), was for forecasters who provided forecasts for Q1’2018 in at least three of the four preceding quarters but no later than one month prior to March 31, 2018.

      • Scores were calculated each quarter for the three criteria, which were weighted 60 percent, 30 percent and 10 percent, respectively. The final score for each currency pair was the time-weighted average of the four quarterly scores.
      • The best overall forecasters were identified by averaging the individual scores for each firm on all 13 currency pairs and all four quarters. Forecasters had to be ranked in at least eight of the 13 pairs to qualify for the overall ranking (63 firms qualified). All ranking tables display the top 20 percent of the forecasters who were eligible, to a maximum of 10 names.
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