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Successful companies invest their cash to build capital and fuel growth. SVB can design a strategy that scales with your needs.

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Our solutions 

SVB Cash Sweep Program
Money Market Account
Business Interest Sweep

SVB Cash Sweep Program

Automated investment in low-risk funds, based on limits that you set.
  • Detailed reporting via SVB Online Banking integration
  • Triple A- rated funds providing competitive market rates
  • Easy set up and reporting, so you can focus on running your business

Money Market Account

An interest-bearing bank deposit account that enables you to earn compound interest. 
  • No wire, ACH or monthly minimum fees1
  • Easy transfer of funds between operating accounts and MMA
  • No minimum account opening balance1

Business Interest Sweep

Automated sweep of funds to an interest-bearing deposit account.
  • Earn interest on Business Interest Sweep (BIS) account balances
  •  Maintain liquidity of your funds
  •  Simple online transfers between BIS and operating accounts
  •  Account reporting online via SVB Online Banking or SVBGO

More cash management tools from SVB

You are busy building your business. SVB Liquidity Advisors can recommend solutions for your current and future needs as your cash management goals grow more complex.

SVB Asset Management

Work with a dedicated advisory team to customize a strategy that focuses on your unique business needs. Learn more

Global Payments

Expand your business around the world with our international payment tools, which can serve 130+ countries in 90+ currencies, at any time you choose.  Learn more

Make your cash work for you while you grow your business

Our Liquidity Advisors are experts at helping you design cash strategies based on the singular needs of your industry and business stage.

Simple account set up and access

Review holdings and move funds between accounts seamlessly via SVB Online Banking. 

24/7 access and convenience

Get real-time visibility into your cash position and review returns on SVB Online Banking and our mobile app. 

Smart risk management

Gain access to a menu of  top-rated money market funds to help ensure capital preservation and competitive yields. 

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SVB Liquidity Advisors stand ready to help you build a deposit and investment strategy for your growing company.

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SVB has been partnering with innovators and entrepreneurs for nearly 40 years and understands the challenges unique to different industries and business stages. We know what it takes to be successful.
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