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Relationship building with your peers and LPs

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Expertise matters

We serve a full range of fund strategies and stages including:

fund of funds
growth equity
private debt
real estate
venture capital

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All companies and private equity entities listed are independent third parties, not affiliated with SVB.

We can help you

Manage your funds

  • Capital call lines of credit
  • Fund-guaranteed loans to portfolio companies
  • NAV-based lending
Global banking
  • Cash distribution customized for funds
  • Global cash management
  • Foreign exchange and letters of credit
  • 24/7 online banking
  • Extended wire hours

Operate your firm

  • Management company working capital lines
  • Financing for tenant improvements and placement agent fees
  • Ownership buyout financing
  • Partner lines of credit
Global banking
  • Letters of credit for office leases
  • Global treasury with strategic payment solutions
  • Foreign exchange
  • 24/7 online banking
  • Extended wire hours

Make industry connections

  • Relevant, curated introductions to peers, service providers, and LPs
  • Unique professional development events
  • CFO/COO curated information sharing events, enhanced by wine tastings from our premium wine clients

Access expert insights

  • SVB survey findings from CFOs/COOs and LPs
  • Portfolio intelligence in technology, healthcare, and life sciences

Ask us about next steps

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