Key takeaways
  • SVB has many partner offers of discounted products and services, all available for you to take advantage of and save money.
  • With easy access to partner offers, access to insights, and access to cost-effective innovation, SVB is focused on helping you build your business.

Building partnerships is vital to strengthening our commitment to you, our clients. In addition, being purposeful in who we select as partners demonstrates our understanding of the products and services you need most. Simply put, we've taken the time to vet and curate these partner offers so you have time to focus on your business.

Our new partner offers platform delivers value to you in the form of:

  • Access to partner offers with ease
  • Access to knowledge and insights
  • Access to cost-effective innovation

Access to partner offers with ease

Currently, SVB has many partners with offers of discounted products and services, all available for you to take advantage of and save money.

We’ve partnered with Proven to provide access to our exclusive partner deals. Using a customized platform like Proven, you can more easily connect to discounted deals on professional services and software and make the most of each SVB partnership.

Proven is delighted to partner with SVB on its new offer platform. We both understand what founders need: easier access to innovation at a discount.

Philip McNamara
CEO and Founder, Proven

Access to knowledge and insights

Partnerships have the potential to bring together complementary skills, knowledge, and insights. In such collaborations, the value of a partnership often surpasses what each can achieve on its own. The result is greater knowledge and insights gained through using improved tools and services. NyquistAI is great example of this type of SVB partner.

NyquistAI is a data solution platform that turns decades of clinical and regulatory documentation into insights for pharma, medtech and medical device startups. Their AI platform offers insights into business, clinical, and regulatory information so life science founders can innovate and build new businesses.

We're on a mission to democratize institutional knowledge and empower life science founders to bring new innovations to market. SVB gets that.

Michelle Wu
CEO and Founder, NyquistAI

Partnerships, like with NyquistAI, demonstrate how collectively we are focused on helping you so you can focus on building your business. As an SVB client, you can use partner offerings to gain insights that can help you launch, build, and grow your startup.

Access to cost-effective innovation

By fostering partnerships, we are increasing the innovation of our services with our partners' products and services. Plus, the savings that SVB partner offers represent can be a real game-changer as you look for new ways to cut costs, especially on the product or services you depend on daily.

For example, Carta offers equity management for startups. As you begin to raise rounds of capital to fuel your startup, you’ll need to manage your cap table, issue securities, get 409A valuations all while staying compliant. Access to this kind of service at a discount, knowing that it can free up your time to focus more on your business, is exactly why we partnered with Carta.

Founders and their startups are the driving force of innovation. Carta and SVB are in lockstep with their shared mission to equip founders to succeed.

Reed McBride
VP of Business Development, Carta

Another great example of cost-effective innovation is the offering from Drata. Security and compliance are two concerns that can cause sleepless nights for founders. With automated continuous compliance monitoring, you can spend substantially less time on the complex process of achieving and maintaining compliance, while building trust with your customer base and achieving your business goals.

Simply put, when we partnered with Drata, the focus was to put you first. As your financial partner dedicated to your success, we look for every avenue to achieve that goal. Strategic, innovative partnerships, like what we have with Drata, helps put you in the best possible position for success.


Drata and SVB understand that founders need to focus on building their business and not get bogged down in the day-to-day of manual compliance and financial tasks.

Kevin Kriebel
VP of Business Development & Partnerships, Drata


With easy access to partner offers, access to insights, and access to cost-effective innovation, we're focused on helping you build your business. We encourage you to get familiar with the partner offers we’ve highlighted above, as well as the many other partner offers available to you.