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SVB Financial Group has been involved in the Asian markets since the early 1990s and in China since 1999. For more than a decade, SVB has been building relationships with technology companies, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to help our clients work with businesses in Asia and sell into a variety of foreign markets.

We established our first China subsidiary, SVB Business Partners Shanghai, in 2005. Our second subsidiary, SVB Business Partners Beijing, opened in 2010. These subsidiaries provide local technology companies and venture capital investors with in-market client service support and advisory services. They also play a key advisory role in working with our U.S. clients as they expand into China. We have also invested in a loan guaranty company headquartered in Hangzhou, and we manage two local renminbi (RMB) funds for the Yangpu District.

In 2012, Silicon Valley Bank established a joint-venture bank in China, SPD Silicon Valley Bank, with the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, a national bank which has over 1,000 branches. SPD Silicon Valley Bank, the first joint venture bank to get a new banking license in 15 years, offers onshore China banking products and services, including working capital solutions, trade finance solutions, CNY/FCY deposits and conversion services. The JV bank’s mission is to increase our clients’ probability of success and be the most sought-after bank in China for innovators, enterprises and investors.

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