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Manage your finances more easily and access working capital with SVB cards, designed for every stage of your business.

SVB Charge Card

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Charge Cards can be used to make purchases online, in-store or over the phone plus make cash withdrawals. Receive a monthly statement and pay the balance.
  • Better visibility and control of spending through advanced reporting
  • Consolidated monthly statement which includes all your company spending
  • Streamline your operations with option to integrate with your backend software.
  • Available in both GBP and EUR

SVB Business Debit Card

The SVB Business Debit Card is linked directly to your account and can be used to make purchases and cash withdrawals.
  • Debit your account as soon as the transaction is made
  • Contactless and Chip and PIN technology
  • Secure Code protection for internet purchases
  • Easy cash withdrawals from an ATM
  • Manage and monitor spend through itemised statements
  • Available in both GBP and EUR

SVB Virtual Card

Make card payments with greater security, using an SVB virtual card number linked to a single real charge card.
  • Reduces risk of fraud and misuse and remove worry of theft or loss
  • You control permissions and usage with ability to set up approval workflow to suit your business
  • Integrate your own systems
  • Available in GBP, EUR, and USD
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Merchant Card Acceptance

The SVB Card Acceptance solution enables you to receive payments digitally and see the credit directly in your SVB account.
  • Efficient and flexible solution for accepting payments
  • Comfort for your customers with secure buying experience
  • Receive payments in-store, via e- commerce, telephone and mobile
  • Advanced security and fraud services
  • Comprehensive analytics tools and reporting

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