Tuan Pham

I care deeply about working with passionate builders, investors and founders, to help them accomplish extraordinary things. The people that make a team is the most important thing to me, and I’ve had the fortune of being on great teams, and being on the receiving end of their mentorship and tough love. I strive to leverage that foundation to help the people around me build great things.

As part of my role, I am focused on building collaborative relationships with emerging and early stage investors, and leveraging our SVB platform to help their funds and portfolio companies scale.

As a boomerang to SVB (spending 6 years in Boston and NYC running seed stage), I previously was a Co-Director at Techstars Boston where I led two co-horts with select seed capital in companies such as Ecovent Systems, Indicio.io, and Refresh Water, among others.

I love spending free time with my nieces and nephews, wiping out while kiteboarding, basketball, and learning more about art.
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