Steve Lowry

Steve Lowry is a vice president of SVB’s Technology Banking division in Vancouver, British Columbia. A high-growth company executive and startup expert, Steve has led a dynamic career focused on company building, law and finance. He excels at envisioning new technologies, media properties and brands; managing client relationships in the realm of venture debt; and leading founders and national startup teams to bring their ambitious ideas to market. A lifelong lover of learning, Steve feels fortunate to have discovered entrepreneurship early in his career. He views collaborating with entrepreneurs and high-growth companies as the ultimate teaching environment, without the classroom debates.

Steve is also the founding executive director of the Artificial Intelligence network of British Columbia (AInBC), which was established to unify, organize and catalyze the artificial intelligence and machine learning communities in BC. Still active at AInBC, he uses his experience as a tech lawyer, banker and startup founder to help new companies and enterprises commercialize AI technologies designed to advance society and human health.

Having built three startups and supported leadership teams at companies like Clio and Hootsuite, Steve remains ever enthusiastic about the entrepreneurial journey. He believes capital is essential to elevating innovations on the global scale and enjoys playing a part in allocating capital for companies with strong business models and growth bets.

Outside of SVB and Steve’s other ventures, he enjoys business writing, adventure sports and the delights of a good espresso.
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Western Canada
VP, Technology Banking