Ryan Grammer

Ryan Grammer is a senior managing director at SVB Capital where he is a member of the Investment Committee and is responsible for the debt strategy involved in the firm’s credit decisions.

Before joining SVB Capital, Ryan was a managing director focused on WestRiver Group’s (WRG’s) innovation lending platform where he served as a portfolio manager for WRG’s eight innovation debt funds. In addition to his debt activities, Ryan led and managed investments in outside equity managers and direct equity investments. He also served on LPACs and boards of directors for a subset of those investments. Prior to WRG, Ryan focused on corporate strategy at Square 1 Bank and M&A transactions at BNC Bancorp.

Ryan earned a bachelor’s degree with high distinction from the University of Virginia, double majoring in Systems Engineering and Economics. Additionally, he holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation. He resides in Virginia with his family.
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Senior Managing Director

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