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Matthew Griffiths

Vice President

Device/HCIT, Life Science & Healthcare


Professional Summary

Matt Griffiths is a Director at Silicon Valley Bank focused specifically on the Northeast Medical Device and Digital Health sectors of Healthcare. Based out of Boston, Matt provides coverage across these verticals from New York City up through Eastern Canada. He and his team focus on providing comprehensive financial products and services as well as flexible lending solutions to clients at every life stage, development through commercialization. In addition to overseeing the continued growth of the Medical Device and Digital Health practice, he is also responsible for developing relationships with key Venture Firms and Strategic/Corporate partners that operate within these markets.  

Over his 9+ years at SVB, Matt has worked in a wide variety of roles both domestically as well as internationally across both technology and life sciences. He’s provided solutions to companies of all stages from early and pre-VC companies to late stage high growth public operations.

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