Matt Perlow

Matt Perlow is a senior vice president for Silicon Valley Bank’s Technology Relationship Management practice. Based in Boston, Matt strategically leverages the bank’s platform to help early-stage companies scale and break through. Focusing primarily on the enterprise software space, with concentrations in productivity and collaboration software as well as AI and infrastructure, he thrives on building relationships with founders, leaders, and innovators. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges start-ups face, Matt is dedicated to moving at full speed. Whether his clients seek custom-built venture debt financing, flexible banking services, or anything in between, Matt provides the right solutions at the right time.

Before taking on his current role, Matt spent three years in the San Francisco office working specifically with enterprise software companies. Earlier in his career at SVB, he focused on venture debt lending to early-stage technology companies in Boston. Matt holds a B.A. in economics with a minor in film studies from Bowdoin College.
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Tech Relationship Management
Senior Vice President