Kamir Kothari

As a Director at Silicon Valley Bank, Kamir Kothari connects SVB and VC/startup communities and is a senior member of the Early Stage Practice.

He has spent past years as a venture investor and an operator. Having been on both the side of the table, Kamir brings a holistic experience allowing our founders to benefit in navigating product development, scaling and financing while working with other venture investors in the community towards identifying breakthrough companies.

Kamir started his career at Parthenon Consulting. As part of the Emerging Market group in Singapore, Kamir worked with some of the leading tech startups in Mobility, E commerce and Fintech space, helping them expand into India, China, Africa and LatAm.

With a keen interest in the evolving marketplaces businesses, Kamir moved to San Francisco to join Lendinghome, an online mortgage lender, as a Product Manager. During his time, he helped scale Lendinghome to over 23 states while growing the origination volume to over $1 billion.

With a curiosity to enable access to cheap financing in emerging markets, Kamir joined Asaak as a founding team member, to help build a platform to provide financing to small business in East Africa. Kamir headed the capital markets for Asaak, helping the team secure venture financing from leading global investors while creating one of the first marketplaces in the world for debt investors to access African business loans as an asset class.

Kamir earned his investment stripes as an investor with Social Capital, where led investments in companies like Jobox, Clara among others.

Kamir lives in San Francisco and is from India. Having traveled to over 50 counties, he is aiming for another 50 soon.

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