Julia Figueiredo

As director of Startup Banking Latin America and Miami, Julia Figueiredo manages SVB’s portfolio of technology startups and venture capital funds in those markets. She’s also a member of the team launching SVB’s LATAM Growth Lending Fund, a partnership designed to provide venture debt to Latin American companies.

Julia joined SVB in 2018 as a vice president of LATAM Startup Banking. The team perfectly suits her passion for fast-paced work environments and positively impacting people and companies in Latin America including her native Brazil.

A 2006 graduate of the Ibmec Business School in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Julia moved to the US in 2012 to study global business management, finance, and venture capital at the University of California Berkeley. Subsequently, she served as a bridge-builder in corporate business development at accelerator GSVlabs and as product marketing manager and scrummaster with software developer Evernote.

Julia’s extensive business experience includes starting and running a small import company in Brazil, which deepened her understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs face.

Julia is also one of the founding members and serves as an adviser for 
Latinas in Tech. This nonprofit organization connects and empowers Latina women working in technology by providing safe spaces for learning, mentorship, and recruitment.

In her free time, Julia loves mountain and road biking.
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