Emma Wallace

Emma Wallace is a managing director for Global Fund Banking at SVB in Boston. In this role, she helps private equity and venture capital firms surmount the unique challenges that come with investing in innovation-sector companies. With more than 20 years of experience, Emma thrives on deftly navigating flexible, tailor-made credit solutions that allow her clients to keep their energies focused on the next growth opportunity. Emma’s highly specialized financing approaches include originating, structuring and executing capital call and net asset value (NAV) lines of credit to funds; general partner (GP) financing; and management company lines of credit.

Prior to joining SVB in 2019, Emma served as managing director, head of global capital call finance for State Street in Boston, where she led a sophisticated team of lenders providing debt facilities to private equity funds. Earlier in her tenure at State Street, she served as managing director for global credit services. Before relocating to the US, Emma held a variety of financial management roles in the London offices of several major international banks, including BNP Paribas, Commerzbank AG, National Australia Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland. Emma holds a bachelor’s degree in geography from the Lancaster University and a master’s degree in economic geography from the University of Leeds.

Emma’s outside-of-work passions include skiing, fitness, travel and plentiful together-time with her young son.
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