Ella-Tamar Adhanan

Ella-Tamar Adhanan is a vice president within Global Gateway, Silicon Valley Bank’s international market expansion team. She works with some of the most disruptive and exciting companies from emerging international markets, with a focus on India, the Middle East and North Africa. Based in San Francisco, Ella extends SVB’s network and services to entrepreneurs and investors from these global markets as they expand and scale in the US. She draws inspiration from clients and founders’ drive, dedication and resilience and enjoys helping them realize their vision through SVB’s platform.

Ella joined SVB in 2018 as part of the Global Fund Banking team, where she helped provide banking and lending services to venture capital and private equity firms in New York. Before joining SVB, Ella worked at Morgan Stanley as a fixed-income securities advisor to institutional investors, including pension funds, foundations, endowments and government entities.

Prior to entering the private sector, Ella worked as an advisor to the head of Diplomatic Affairs at the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C., working closely with US government officials and foreign embassies to enhance strategic and trade relations with Israel. Previously, she served as a foreign relations liaison in the office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

Given her global upbringing, Ella is passionate about leveraging tech innovation and capital to invest in emerging international markets, and she engages in numerous initiatives that facilitate inclusive global economic growth.

Ella holds a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in technological innovation and international finance. She loves to travel, experience different cultures and geek out on philosophy and history


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Vice President, Global Gateway