Efrat Turgeman-Khayat

Efrat Turgeman is a managing director at SVB Capital. She joined the group in July 2018, and as a member of the Investment Committee, she is responsible for making investments in established and breakout venture capital firms.

Prior to joining SVB Capital, Efrat was a managing director for SVB’s NorCal Tech Banking, where she built a portfolio from the ground up. She was responsible for due diligence, relationship management with entrepreneurs, and underwriting debt financing deals for a portfolio of early- and mid-stage enterprise software companies.

Efrat joined SVB in 2008 as a co-founder of SVB Israel, where she was a key part of building SVB’s presence in the market, forming and leading a professional deal team and managing a portfolio of technology companies and venture capital firms. In that role, Efrat oversaw client relationships, credit underwriting and portfolio management.

Efrat graduated from Tel Aviv University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and business administration and previously served as a first lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force as part of an F-16 squadron management team. Today, she enjoys exploring all the natural beauty of the Bay Area with her husband and children.
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