Blake Armstrong

Blake Armstrong is Director of Strategic Partnerships in Startup Banking. Based in San Francisco, he manages SVB’s relationships with accelerators across the early-stage ecosystem. In this role, Blake and his team are the “eyes and ears” of the bank, tasked with spotting emerging trends in technology that influence SVB’s product road map and go-to-market strategies. Knowing what a magnificent feat it is to build something new, Blake’s true north is all about serving founders; in fact, nothing brings Blake more fulfillment than adding value to the startups he serves — via ideas or connections — to help them achieve their goals faster.

This passion for serving early-stage innovators is the thread that has tied all aspects of Blake’s career together. Before taking on his current role, Blake was a vice president in SVB’s enterprise software growth division. Prior to joining the bank, Blake served as a venture partner at The Family, a growth catalyst to early-stage European technology ventures based in Paris. Earlier in his career, Blake co-founded a tech startup with a Harvard professor. He also co-founded Edify, a social enterprise in Kigali, Rwanda, that provides financing to small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the developing world. Blake holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Oxford and a bachelor’s degree in international business from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California.

Blake is also the founding chairman of the Rural Health Collaborative, which fosters healthier communities in rural Ghana. He continues to serve on the board of this organization.

When not working or volunteering, Blake likes to unwind by building model rockets, covering Creedence Clearwater Revival songs on the guitar and discussing the virtues of natural wine.
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Blake Armstrong