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Inspiring the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

The Trek aims to be an opportunity for students from across the world to build a network of peers and advisors, while gaining unique insights to propel them to the next stage of their career development.

To champion the next generation of innovators, Silicon Valley Bank opens its doors each year to connect ambitious, entrepreneurially minded college students with creative minds, world-class investors and industry leaders. During the four-day Trek, participants dive headlong into the innovation ecosystem through an immersive learning experience featuring salon-style events, interviews with industry luminaries and hands-on workshops. For general inquiries contact Priya Rajan.

  • Obi Felton Image
    "You have to solve a real problem"

    "It's very easy to fall in love with the technology, especially being an engineer. What I ask them is to fall in love with a problem, because if they can articulate super well what problem they're solving and for whom... that enables them to build a much better product."

    — Obi Felton, Head of Moonshots at X

  • Tania Abedian Image
    "It's an incredible opportunity."

    "I haven't had the opportunity to go outside of my own networks. I sat on a shuttle next to someone who just graduated from Texas A&M... to spend an hour chatting about his new startup."

    — Tania Abedian, Investment Associate at JetBlue Technology Ventures

  • Priya Rajan Image
    "This is a way of bringing the networks together."

    "Their perseverance, the grit, their tenacity, it just makes it all... makes us hopeful on what the future holds"

    — Priya Rajan, Director of Early-Stage Practice at SVB

Experiences from the Frontlines of SVB Trek

April: Trek changed my perception of success.

April Lovelady has worked for NASA, co-founded a biomedical company and earned a Ph.D in engineering. Still, during Trek, she had an aha moment, one she says that gives her new confidence in taking her next step as an entrepreneur.

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Josh: Trek is like an MBA for entrepreneurship

"Entrepreneurship and talent are universal," said Stanford University undergrad Joshua Browder after attending Trek. Josh is the founder and CEO of Do Not Pay, a company that he started in London and continues to grow in the U.S.

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Eric: I learned failing is not just OK, it s a good

Some entrepreneurs spend years searching for a big problem in need of solving. That’s not the case for Eric Blondeel, co-founder of a Canadian medical diagnostics company and Trek participant. A niece’s life-threatening allergy prompted him to act.

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