Let’s Make Magic, Miami 

Like you, some of the most innovative founders in the world are calling Miami home. Now, the go-to bank for startups is here in Miami. Join SVB and build with the best.

We help support businesses at every stage

Silicon Valley Bank provides products, services and strategic advice to help you turn your big ideas into a great business. 

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Our startup banking team of 75+ finance pros, startup founders and biopharma scientists bring battle-tested experience and sector-specific expertise to help you maneuver your company towards success. 

As Bank Director magazine says, “a lot of banks talk about the importance of relationships, but SVB plays a long game that may be unique.” We advise and service founders every step of the way. From launch to securing seed to venture rounds to major acquisitions, IPOs and more, you won’t outgrow SVB. 

And while our Silicon Valley roots run deep, our reach is now truly global, with offices in innovation hubs from Bangalore to Tel Aviv. SVB can support you, wherever your business takes you. 

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Networks matter, especially to new businesses. SVB is viewed as unrivaled for being at the epicenter of the startup ecosystem – which is why we can be so instrumental in helping propel you ahead.   

When you join SVB, you become a part of that ecosystem, too. You can participate in our events that bring together investors, other founders, and industry luminaries. We’ll also share with you insights into emerging startups, technologies and investment trends gleaned from our unique vantage point. 

Welcome to the hub of the startup ecosystem. 

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SVB is committed to helping founders wanting to create a better world.  

There are many ways we’re showing our commitment to helping catalyze a better world. One is the support we’re offering founders who are building new sustainability solutions by committing at least $5 billion in financing by 2027.

Another example: our Access to Innovation initiative is expanding opportunities for underrepresented groups to lead in the innovation economy. 

Accelerate your growth with SVB's LatAm expertise

Whether you’re expanding a LatAm startup into the US, you’re a Miami founder looking to go global, or you’re searching for the right VCs, SVB can assist. Our decade-plus experience working in the Latin American startup space can help propel you forward.  
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