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SVB Direct Connect

Integrate Seamlessly with SVB Online Banking

SVB Direct Connect is SVB’s OFX service offering, providing SVB banking clients an automated and seamless way to access your company’s online banking, credit and debit card balances and transactions in QuickBooks®, Xero, or other authorized applications (see below). Free to clients and partners*, Direct Connect helps maintain the control and insight you're used to with SVB Online Banking.

Automated and Accurate

Automated and Accurate

Transactions are downloaded easily with no duplicate entries.

Detailed and Timely

Detailed and Timely

Get more detail with a year’s worth of data, for multiple accounts.

Safe and Convenient

Safe and Convenient

Simple, read-only, PIN-based access reduces risk.

With Direct Connect, there’s no more searching for downloads or importing multiple files. The fintech applications do all the work to connect their app to the SVB Direct Connect platform. Clients just need to supply access to their SVB accounts. Make account and transaction reconciliation simpler. Start using Direct Connect today.

Getting started is easy

To get started, go to SVB Online Banking and create your Direct Connect PIN. Read below for a simple set of setup steps. 

Set up Direct Connect, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your SVB Online Banking account, select "My Security" under your name, then scroll down and click on "Manage My SVB Direct Connect PIN."
  2. Create your Direct Connect PIN.
  3. Log in to your fintech application and update your SVB connection with your new PIN. You will also be asked for a "user ID" – you may enter yours, or you may create a unique user ID in your SVB account and provide that.

Authorized applications:

If you use a fintech app not listed here, let us know!

Not an SVB Direct Connect partner?

Let us know if you are interested in becoming an SVB Direct Connect authorized application.

* The SVB Direct Connect service is currently free to our banking clients. SVB Online Banking fees may still apply. SVB Direct Connect is currently available for US-based banks accounts only, except in the case of Xero (US and UK accounts supported).

** UK clients should refer to these Xero instructions

QuickBooks, Quicken, Mint, Expensify, inDinero, Xero, Yodlee, Tallie, Fincity, GoFastPay, LTSE Tools, Pilot, Trovata and Shoobx are independent third parties and are not affiliated with SVB Financial Group. 

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