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Silicon Valley is where our story began, but it not where our impact ends. Our reach expands around the globe to meet the needs of the evolving innovation economy. Learn more and explore our opportunities worldwide.

The future of work is more flexible than ever.


If our time working remotely has taught us anything, it’s that we can trust our employees to be productive from wherever they work. As a company, we have found new and better ways of working that has helped us successfully transfer to a hybrid model of working that embraces the best of remote and in-person collaboration.



We have the skills and the tools to work productively, innovatively, and collaboratively, wherever we work.



Whether we’re working individually or together, in-person or virtually, we make it count.



Great work and successful clients are the true measure of achievement.



We have the same opportunities regardless of where we work.



Our Purpose and Values unify and connect us.



We champion practices that keep our work life and personal life in balance.

One SVB. Many locations.

SVB benefits programs are designed to meet our employees where they are in life. Which means it shows up at home. Your home. Explore our benefits packages in your nearest market.

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