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About the Author

Liam Fairbairn is a director in SVB Startup Banking. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, he specializes in serving seed-stage technology companies in the enterprise software, consumer internet, frontier tech, fintech and climatech innovation sectors. As the regional manager, Liam’s team delivers fast and flexible banking solutions innovators demand. His team strives to be each client’s first point of contact with value-add partners in the tech ecosystem and help entrepreneurs set visionary ideas in motion.

Liam has thrived on being at the tip of the spear, a witness to game-changing break-throughs before they impact the world during his 20+ years at SVB. Before his current role, he worked on a team focused on infrastructure software and advised tech companies as they transitioned from hardware to cloud-based information delivery. Liam partnered with equally groundbreaking entrepreneurs, including life science visionaries in the medical device, biotechnology, diagnostics, nanotechnology and healthcare IT sectors. He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Santa Clara University, where he was awarded a scholarship and played Division 1 baseball for all four years.

Outside of work, Liam currently serves on the board of the San Carlos American Youth Soccer Organization and coaches Little League baseball and softball. He enjoys life at home in his native Bay Area with his wife and two children and spends as much time as possible outdoors, especially in Hawaii where he has a large contingent of family. Liam feels quite at home at SVB, too, as his sister and sister-in-law both work for the bank.