i3 Solar Report on Photovoltaics


How Balance of Systems Technology is Advancing Photovoltaics

The Cleantech Group (CTG), in collaboration with Silicon Valley Bank, has published its i3 solar research report on photovoltaics (PV), PV - Balance of Systems Innovation and Reducing Installed Cost.

The report finds new efficiency gains — the so-called balance of systems that goes into commissioning a solar array — are helping to reduce costs and leading to a dramatic increase in PV global installed capacity.

The report is part of a series of research papers examining sustainable innovation. The conclusions are drawn from a dataset of proprietary intelligence on more than 24,000 companies across all sectors in cleantech, sustainable innovation and resource efficiency.

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About the Author

Matt Maloney is Head of Silicon Valley Bank’s Energy & Resource Innovation Practice. The practice extends to SVB’s national presence with hundreds of clients across the spectrum of Energy & Resource Innovation Practice investment, most of which are venture-backed.

Maloney has over 20 years of experience investing in and lending to the technology industry. Prior to joining Silicon Valley Bank in 2002, Maloney co-founded Enflexion Capital, a specialty debt provider for alternative communications companies. From 1989 to 2000, Maloney held several business development and senior management positions in GATX Capital’s Technology Services group that grew from zero to more than $500 million during his tenure. Among other roles, he developed, structured and managed numerous technology investment joint ventures, spearheaded strategic acquisitions and founded the company’s Telecom Investments group. Prior work experience includes investment banking and money center commercial banking.

Maloney earned a bachelor’s degree from Guilford College and a master’s of business administration from Kellogg Graduate School of Management.