Amid Pandemic, Global Venture Investors See Opportunities in China

Key Takeaways

  • Silicon Valley Bank first established a presence China in 1999.
  • This SVB report is produced in collaboration with SPD Silicon Valley Bank, our joint venture established.
  • We cover the investment trends across China’s healthcare ecosystem and cross-border opportunities for US and EMEA-based companies.

China’s innovation economy is an amazing success story, and Silicon Valley Bank is proud to be part of it — since 1999, when we established our first presence in Shanghai. In 2012, we built on that success when we established SPD Silicon Valley Bank (SSVB), a joint venture with the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and the first technology and innovation bank of its kind in China.

This dynamic partnership, which now includes branches in Beijing and Shenzhen, has grown to serve Chinese founders and innovation companies with core banking products, including RMB-denominated accounts, while helping promote collaboration and investment by US and EMEA companies in the Chinese innovation economy. In the life science and healthcare space, SVB and SSVB together serve more than 3,500 clients globally, with the shared mission to increase our clients’ probability of success and be the most sought-after partner globally for innovators, enterprises and investors.

Underscoring this commitment, I’m pleased to share this inaugural China healthcare report, produced in collaboration with SSVB. The report highlights China and cross-border trends from SVB’s rich proprietary intelligence, as well as insights from interviews with more than two dozen companies and investors in the US, Shanghai and Beijing. It comes six years after we launched the Healthcare Capital & Connections Summit, a global cross-border healthcare conference in Shanghai, to nurture US, EMEA and China collaborations and partnerships.

While the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to dominate headlines, the US and China — the world’s two largest healthcare markets — are working to solve enormous healthcare challenges. On the global healthcare stage, biopharma is consistently the leading subsector in terms of invested capital. China remains a strong contributor and value driver due to its skilled workforce and growing consumer demand to address the healthcare priorities of its growing middle class and aging population. 

While we’re faced with many uncertainties in 2020, the fundamentals for healthcare and the life sciences remain strong, and the tightknit community that composes our industry is positioned to navigate the path forward – together. Healthcare and technology will continue to converge on a global scale, and with SVB’s global footprint and position at the center of the innovation ecosystem, we’re well prepared to help you succeed. The future of truly disruptive healthcare innovation is here — and it’s global.

Katherine Andersen Headshot
Written by
Katherine Andersen
Katherine serves as Head of Life Science & Healthcare and sits on the board of SVB's joint venture in China, SPD Silicon Valley Bank.
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