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Strong Fundraising for Digital Health AI Drives Transformation in Life Sciences


In a new report, Silicon Valley Bank analyzed the venture investment and sector trends for digital health companies that use artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how the healthcare industry delivers patient care in a value-based environment and how the life science industry creates novel medical products. 

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Venture investment in digital health AI companies has doubled in the past two years. Based on historical trends for other disruptive technologies, this momentum is expected to continue. Other report highlights include:

  • The universe of life science companies focused on digital health AI is expanding rapidly, as companies explore data-rich use cases.
  • AI represents a new modality in digital technology that compares to prior game-changers: SaaS, mobile and big data
  • Proprietary data, defined use cases and measurable outcomes are key to the success of digital health AI companies
  • Potential areas of growth include digital biomarker–based diagnostics and AI-assisted surgical robotics

Download the report to learn more.

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