Living Our Values
SVB's values guide our actions, from our approach to supporting small businesses to community engagement to our ESG reporting.

Advancing innovation for a better world


SVB is dedicated to the success of the innovation economy. More than ever, we need to be agents of change by taking care of what matters. We do this by helping promising companies and partners to innovate, thrive and create jobs, providing a culture where our employees can learn and grow, and together build a more just world. Our dedication to supporting evolving technologies enables us to contribute to creating a more equitable, low carbon, net zero emission economy.

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SVB's Values

  • We start with empathy for others
  • We speak and act with integrity
  • We embrace diverse perspectives
  • We take responsibility
  • We keep learning and improving

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We believe that SVB and the innovation economy benefit from people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, opinions and ideas.

Sustainable Finance

We support entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses at the forefront of innovation, helping to advance solutions that create a more sustainable world.

ESG Reporting

Our corporate philosophy of transparency and accountability guides our reporting on environmental, social and governance performance.

Access to Innovation Initiative

Our Access to Innovation program imagines new ways to build a more diverse, equitable and accessible innovation economy.

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is essential for healthy communities. SVB has invested and loaned more than $2B for housing since 2002.


Responsible governance is essential for public trust and our business success.

COVID-19 Response & Community Support


In 2020, SVB implemented a three-part strategy to help its employees, clients and the greater community cope with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, including donating $5.5M to global, regional and local relief efforts. SVB also donated an additional $20M in net fees generated by the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. The PPP fees will support community response and innovation economy diversity efforts. Learn more about how SVB is supporting its employees, clients and communities around the world through the pandemic.

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