Cash Management Deposit Accounts

Deposit accounts that adapt with your needs

Keep your cash secure and as liquid as you need with our range of instant and higher interest restricted access accounts.

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Instant access accounts

Straightforward and secure bank accounts for easy, day-to-day cash management and a full range of payment options.
Current Plus Account
  • Our most popular GBP account
  • Connects client to our range of payments, card, FX and Financial solutions
Foreign Currency Account
  • All major currencies
  • Clients can hold deposits in 15 major currencies, including USD, GBP & EUR
Corporate Deposit Account
  • All major currencies
  • Used to segregate working capital from strategic balances for easy access

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High yielding accounts with restricted access

Optimise the performance of your excess funds or working capital with our higher rate interest deposit accounts.
Choose from our wide range of notice and fixed terms available in all major currencies.

Notice Accounts
  •  A higher interest-bearing deposit
  •  Benefit from leading market rates, monthly statements and access to cash after your chosen notice period
  •  30 and 90 day notice available

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Term Deposit
  • Fixed term with a fixed interest rate
  • Funds are locked in with a selection of available term lengths e.g. 30, 60, 90 day, 1- year
  • Combine Term Deposits to achieve a blend of short, medium and long-term rates
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Client Monies Accounts

Manage your client funds more efficiently and keep them separate from your own capital, through our Client Monies Accounts.

  • Available for clients regulated within the UK/EEA
  • Access our full range of payments
  • Acknowledgement letter provided
  • Available in 15 major currencies
  • Detailed reporting to support your auditing and legal obligations
  • Available through Online Banking, Transact Gateway, PSD2 API integration platform and the UK SWIFT statement service
  • Open as many accounts as you need and only pay Account Maintenance and Services fee on the first one

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Standing Instructions

An automated solution to help you manage your balances daily.  
This flexible solution transfers funds from one account to another within the same legal entity.
  • Maintain a minimum balance in your sub account - Sweep-In Transfer
  • Maintain a maximum balance in your sub account - Sweep-Out Transfer
  • Maintain a fixed balance on a sub account
  • Maintain a balance between two limits on your sub account - Range Balancing Sweep Transfer

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Your Treasury Policy Guide

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Evergreen Notice Account

Key features and benefits of our Evergreen Notice Account
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Ladder Term Deposit

Key features and benefits of our Ladder Term Deposits
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Deposit Accounts

More information on our Deposit Accounts
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Deposit Interest Rates

For information on the latest rates and available currencies
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Summary Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions about our Deposit Accounts
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