Past Event

Webinar: The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Forum 2021

Learn strategies and techniques for bridging disparities in mental health care from life science experts.

Recording Date | December 15, 2021

Watch the on-demand DE&I webinar now

Mental health issues are on the rise and they’re affecting communities disproportionately. Watch the on-demand webinar hosted by SVB and West for a panel of perspectives on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Senior business leaders and influencers in life science and healthcare lead the discussion.

You’ll learn the key factors that drive disparities in care: stigma, lack of insurance coverage and care access, a shortage of providers with diverse backgrounds and the effect of cultural ideas about mental health. You’ll also come away with ideas for what you can do about them.

In the webinar, panelists explore ways to advance DE&I in the workplace including:

• Creating a mentally healthy work environment: Organizations that treat mental health as part of overall wellness have the highest engagement, productivity and retention

• Managing microaggressions: Unintended bias from co-workers, known as microaggressions, can be mentally draining and impacts job satisfaction

• Beating the effects of ethnicity: Ethnic minorities may experience symptoms that look like PTSD, anxiety or depression in environments that may seem normal to ethnic majorities

• Breaking down barriers to relationships: The better you understand the life experiences of those around you, the better you can lead

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