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Never Go it Alone: Startup Insights

At Silicon Valley Bank, we are committed to helping next-gen entrepreneurs get through the ups and downs of building a startup. To help you, we’ve compiled advice from founders, VCs, and advisors to help you navigate fundraising and operate more efficiently.


"I’ve decided to build a company and am learning how much there is to do – just to get off the ground. I need help with the basics."

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When founding a startup, you're going to face a lot of decisions but the first two, and some of the most important, what type of company should you be and do I need a lawyer?

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What early stage startup founders need to know about approaches and tools for developing good financial and accounting habits from day one.

Dilution Equity Final

Understanding the long-term implications of your startup’s capital raise is a daunting yet crucial exercise. The first step: Get smart on equity dilution.  

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No matter what business you're in, investors will expect you to be on top of certain metrics. Study the four startup KPIs we've found to be the most important.


"I’m picking up steam. I have the admin under control, have my first employee, and am now focused on building my product and learning about how to raise funds."

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Two investor email templates every early stage founder needs to master to help grow and sustain their networks and relationships - before they need need to raise money.

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A startup's cap table tells a story around who owns what. Learn what investors often look for and how to clean things up as you raise funds and grow your company.

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Cash is the life-blood of an early stage startup. So understanding your burn rate is a critical component of managing your growth responsibly. We talked to founders and finance experts about how best to track and manage your cash flow.


Startups are often faced with an important question. Should they raise money immediately or bootstrap? We share the pros and cons of each approach here.


"I have a good handle on my product and my company structure and value. Now, I need to understand how to raise capital in a way that makes the most sense for the company."

Female Designer Planning Layout On Floor Of Modern Office

We talked to founders and investors about why fit matters when finding venture capital. Here’s their advice on what startups should look for in a VC.

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Raising startup funds from friends and family comes with personal risk. We talked to founders about what to consider as you juggle personal and business interests. 

two women talking over coffee

Finding the right angel investors and making strategic connections with them can help early stage startups more than big checks early on. We offer a winning strategy for how to engage them.