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Profile image for Wibke Pendse

Wibke Pendse

Market Manager

Private Equity Services - Western Region


Professional Summary

Wibke Pendse is Managing Director of Private Equity Finance and Banking for the UK. Wibke leads the team to deliver a range of banking and finance services to private equity and venture capital firms, including capital strategies and solutions, global banking and rich industry connections and insights.

SVB’s Private Equity Finance and Banking team works with firms investing in all sectors, and geographies, banking more than 1,200 private equity and venture capital firms based in the US, Europe and Asia.

Prior to this role, Wibke was a senior relationship manager in Silicon Valley Bank’s Sand Hill office, working with venture capital and private equity firms in Northern California and greater LA area.

Wibke began her career in 2002 at HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt’s commercial banking practice in Duesseldorf, Germany. Prior to joining SVB, she was responsible for managing a loan portfolio and developing client relationships with venture capital and private equity firms in Northern California, Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountains region and British Columbia for over 5 years at Square 1 Bank and Comerica Bank. Wibke was Assistant Vice President of Equity Fund Services at Comerica Bank, and Vice President of Venture Capital Services at Square 1 Bank.

Wibke holds a master of business administration from the University of Applied Sciences at Lueneburg, Germany.

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