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For nearly four decades, SVB has been the go-to bank for Venture Capital investors.

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As a general partner, you are driven to support the entrepreneurs in your portfolio with more than just capital. You understand their businesses, you lend your network, and you help your companies recruit new executive team members. In short, you are an extension of their team. As former investors and operators, SVB brings the same approach to financial services. We understand your business, we provide products and solutions tailored to the VC industry, and we share our bird’s eye view across funds, sectors, stages and geographies.

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SVB supports VC firms across the world

SVB has been supporting the investor community for more than 35 years

Andreessen Horowitz v3
Drive v3
Founders Fund
Hyde Park
Polaris Partners
Revolution Growth
True Ventures
Vivo v2

All companies and entities listed above are independent third parties and not affiliated with SVB Financial Group.

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SVB banks portfolio companies, VC funds, and the individuals who run them. Our Venture Capital Relationship Management Team members serve as your eyes and ears across the entire SVB platform. Our commitment to long-term relationships is refreshingly authentic and we are driven to help you and your companies be more successful.


SVB was founded to meet the needs of VCs, innovative companies, and the people behind both. We finance funds, personal needs of VCs and company executives, and VC portfolio companies to drive value for investors. At various stages along the innovation journey, SVB has designed ways to help.

Global Activity

Across the US and EMEA, we have global and foreign exchange capabilities in 90+ currencies across 110+ countries. We can support your funds and investments in major technology hubs across the globe.

Portfolio Support

From helping Founders open their first bank accounts quickly, to supporting growing startups with venture debt and lean banking solutions that will scale with them, to helping pre-IPO companies with mezzanine loans to propel them towards an S-1 filing, SVB can support your companies.


Our global networks include stakeholders in every part of the innovation community. From pre-seed start-ups to publicly traded enterprises, corporate VCs to Family Offices, and with more than 50%* of all venture-backed tech and life science companies in the U.S., the chances are your next company already banks with SVB. *approximate


Our proprietary data and knowledge on trends and benchmarks across sectors, stages, and geos can help you make strategic and transactional decisions with confidence.

“We look at SVB as our partner. When a portfolio company has a tough time, we know SVB will support us in our decisions. There is a mutual trust and SVB will have candid conversations with us. Other banks would base decisions solely on whether or not covenants were met.”

Steve Bailey, CFO

1. Permission was received by the individual making the statement. 2. It is an unsolicited statement. 3. For informational purposes only. 4. It is not a guarantee for future performance. 

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