Ireland Carter

Ireland Carter is a vice president on Silicon Valley Bank’s Emerging Manager Practice team. In this role, she provides general partners with tailored services and strategic guidance, including fundraising and fund operations strategies, portfolio company support and creative liquidity solutions. A natural “business bricklayer,” Ireland is passionate about supporting the venture ecosystem and staying up to date on all things related to tech and economics.

Prior to joining SVB, Ireland started her career at K5 Ventures, partnering directly with founders to help them go from ideation to beta. She then moved to Silicon Valley to support client and admin operations at Stamos Capital, a private investment firm that invests globally. Soon after, she joined Deliv, a logistics company looking to disrupt last-mile delivery that was later acquired by Target. Before the acquisition, Ireland wore many hats at Deliv and learned firsthand how difficult it can be to find the right products, partnerships and services to innovate quickly. This led her to found Bricleir, a venture-backed startup designed to break down barriers and streamline collaboration between investors, corporate innovation teams, university innovation centers and startups. 

Ireland attended Chapman University in Orange, California, where she studied economics and business administration.

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Vice President, Emerging Manager Practice