The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Forum 2021

See how business leaders and influencers in the Life Science & Healthcare industry are addressing disparities in mental health care.

2021 forum highlights

Strong presentations were given by industry leaders, and insightful discussions followed about mental health care access for people of color and those with marginalized identities.
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Takeaways from the keynote address by Abe Ceesay

Abe is President, Cerevel Therapeutics as well as Chair of the Board of Directors for Life Science Cares and a biopharmaceutical leader for 20 years. Here are insights from his address.

Make mental wellbeing key to employee wellbeing

  • Mental health is critical to employee engagement, productivity and retention
  • Every $1 spent treating mental disorders returns roughly $4 in improved health and productivity

Expand access to mental health treatment

  • Struggling with mental health issues drives life choices
  • Mental health is inextricably linked to homelessness and addiction
  • Access to care is critical to solving these issues

Treat women with the same level of care as others

  • Conversations aren't treated with the same level of seriousness
  • It’s a negative cycle: if no one will treat my issue with respect, then I’ll retreat and won't seek care

For underrepresented populations, Covid-19 exacerbated mental health issues.

Abe Ceesay President Cereval Therapeutics Learn More
Abe Ceesay

More key takeaways on advancing DE&I in the workplace

Additional speakers and panelists also spoke about their experience with mental health and the intersection of DE&I and mental health in the life science and healthcare industry. 

Create a mentally healthy work environment

Organizations that treat mental health as part of the overall wellness have the highest engagement, productivity and retention. 

Covid-19 work arounds must be tailored

Corporate flexibility to accommodate different employee anxieties and mental health challenges is now more important than ever.

Beat the effects of ethnicity

Ethnic minorities may experience symptoms that look like a PTSD, anxiety or depression in environments that may seem normal to ethnic majorities. 

Micro aggressions are exhausting

Unintended bias from co-workers, known as micro aggressions, can be mentally draining and impacts job satisfaction. 

Racism impacts mental health

Racism doesn't need to be overt. There’s a buildup overtime and sufferers may not even be aware of the stress it creates.

Break down barriers to relationships

The better you understand the life experiences of those around you, the better you can lead.  

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