Jackie Spencer

Jackie Spencer heads up the US relationship management team for Life Science and Healthcare accelerator and growth. Jackie and her team are focused on providing banking and financing solutions to innovative companies in the sector.

Before taking on her current role, Jackie worked on SVB’s strategic capital team, supporting the US, Canadian and European Life Science and Healthcare markets, deploying large, syndicated, mezzanine and convertible debt opportunities. Prior to that, she led the west coast biotech, diagnostics and research tools team providing banking services and debt-financing solutions to companies in those sectors from early-stage venture-backed enterprises to late-stage public companies. Her expertise includes calling on the networks she’s built in her fifteen-plus years at SVB to make pivotal connections for her clients.

Since joining SVB in 2007, Jackie worked in both the technology and healthcare practices from emerging market to late-stage corporate finance. She started in the bank’s technology practice area first as an associate and later as a vice president. For seven-plus years, she served enterprise and consumer application companies, providing resources and tools to help these entrepreneurs as they scale their businesses.

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Head of US Relationship Management, Life Science and Healthcare