The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Forum 2020

Bringing together the life science & healthcare industry for an action-oriented discussion providing perspectives and possibilities.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Forum Highlights

Featuring powerful presentations from highly respected industry leaders and think tank crowd
sourcing, with energetic, in-depth and informative live discussions.

Impact Story: Saundra Pelletier, CEO, Evofem Biosciences

  • Revolutionizing women’s healthcare with game-changing products
  • Making staff diversity the norm
  • Increase inclusion in all business functions

Addressing Racial Health Care Disparities

  • Promote inclusive research by ensuring patients of color have access to clinical trials
  • Advance health equity by providing access to quality care to all
  • Transform society with true healthcare change

Advancing inclusivity when differences aren’t visible

  • Leverage technology to communicate across a range of different abilities
  • Treat all employees equitably
  • Solicit everyone’s input for a positive team dynamic

“Today at SVB, we’re holding ourselves more accountable than ever, and we’re looking to this forum to bring out the best practices and share ideas along with practical ways to make improvements, both in the workplace and the external environment.”

Greg Becker, President & CEO, SVB

Think Tank Breakout Groups

Topics and takeaways were crowd sourced from nearly 100 attendees.

Recruiting & Pay Equity

  • Conduct pay studies to ensure equitable compensation
  • Check for biases in job descriptions
  • Focus on performance versus age, race, gender, etc.


  • Be aware of intentional or unintentional microaggressions
  • Be mindful of tone
  • Ask permission and give helpful feedback

Mentor Programs

  • Train mentors how to listen and support mentees
  • Create open environments for mentees to feel safe
  • Show mentees how to navigate personal and professional issues

Diversity: Founders & Funders

  • Choose to implement DE&I instead of being required to
  • Identify intentional investments in DE&I
  • Practicing and encouraging mindfulness

Retention & Development

  • Developing a safe space for employees
  • Find ways to enhance feelings of belonging
  • Become a place to grow, learn and thrive

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