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CipherBio is a free global database that helps life science companies connect with investors, VCs and accelerators as well as provide the latest news and insights shaping the future of the industry.

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Investor Insights
Raising Capital
Accelerator Insights
Digital Profile

Investor Insights

Get to know the US based and global VCs as well as corporate VCs, who have made more than $15 billion in investments across different life science verticals since 2019.

Raising Capital

Get the latest fundraising news and search for funding opportunities across investor types, industry segments, investment rounds as well as countries or states.

Accelerators Insights

Get to know more about the top life science accelerators that CipherBio works with. Our insights from key industry players can help you scale at all growth stages.

Digital Profile

Get access to CipherBio’s platform and create your digital profile based on your technology and care type to raise your company’s visibility with key connections across the life science industry.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the life science market

CipherBio takes away the effort of tracking, aggregating, analyzing and disseminating industry data so you can focus on the science and innovating your way to building a successful life science business.

Free Access

With CipherBio, you get access to all data and insights – free of charge. Search for companies, people, accelerators, investors, news and insights to discover what’s next in the life science space.

Community Connections

CipherBio has created an open science community across the industry spectrum to help your business with increased access to data and funding across key verticals.

Investor and VC Engagement

Find the right investors who can help turn your idea from a cutting-edge concept into a company with a transformative impact on the life science industry.

Accelerator Information

Search for top accelerators that empower innovators to grow in scale and impact. CipherBio can help you identify opportunities to launch your brilliant research into the marketplace.