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Let us help you gain a strategic advantage in the Enterprise Software space with our sector-specific expertise, industry connections and flexible financing solutions.

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Subsector experience

  • Enterprise Applications
  • Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Software Powered Analytics

We work with companies at all stages of growth

More than ten thousand enterprise software firms choose to work with SVB.

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Enterprise software experts at SVB help our customers succeed


Our bankers leverage their backgrounds as founders and advisors in the industry and have decades of combined real-world experience.

Ted Wilson Headshot
Ted Wilson
Managing Director, SVB
Ted has considerable experience working with technology businesses as a lender, venture capital investor, business operator, investment banker, and consultant.
Marisa Phan Headshot
Marisa Phan
Managing Director, SVB
Marisa leads the team on relationship banking and market strategy while leveraging her years of experience working with prominent enterprise software companies.
Adam Millsom Headshot
Adam Millsom
Managing Director, SVB
Adam has over a decade of experience serving early-stage to corporate finance companies across an array of innovation tech sectors in a number of SVB regions.
Russell Follansbee Headshot
Russell Follansbee
Director, SVB
Russell serves SVB enterprise technology and cybersecurity clients across all stages- helping them scale efficiently with the right products and best practices.
Dennis Grunt Headshot
Dennis Grunt
Managing Director, SVB
Dennis specializes in partnering with both early and growth stage technology companies- providing them with highly structured banking and financial solutions.

Experience, products and services to help as you scale your business rapidly


SVB has helped some of the biggest enterprise software companies as they built their businesses, by providing the right mix of products, services, industry expertise and proprietary research.

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Connect to the SVB Network

We have been early advisors to companies across a wide range of software sectors for over three decades in the US as well as in global innovation hubs.
  • Opportunities to connect with VCs and investors that are important to your business
  • Access to explore and review mission critical talent options through SVB’s exclusive job board
  • Options for introductions to specialized service providers
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Get help with valuable connections, insights and key learnings for your business and industry at exclusive SVB curated client events.
  • Founder’s Table
  • Finance Leaders Dinners
  • Elevate Data
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SVB has a network that is invaluable for entrepreneurs.

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Financial solutions¹ to help support the evolving needs of your business


Venture Debt

Structured financial solutions to help support your business with available time and resources as you strive to reach your next funding milestone – while minimizing equity dilution. Learn more

Growth and Working Capital

Help meet your short-term operating costs or fund your growth strategy.


Finance your strategic initiatives with SVB, a market leader in mid-sized syndicated debt financing for innovation companies.

Corporate Cards

SVB corporate cards¹ are designed to help you better manage your spending and payments transactions, while you scale and grow your business. Learn more

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